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The NAIAS Logo

The centerpiece of the new NAIAS brand identity is our logo. The logo is made up of two distinct elements: the Winged Woman Mark and the Logotype. Shown below, there are three configurations of the NAIAS logo. The horizontal version is the primary configuration. Due to the size and legibiilty limitations of certain applications, we have provided two additional vertical configurations.

Primary Configuration



Primary Logo

The horizontal configuration of the NAIAS logo is our primary configuration.  This version should be used whenever possible.  When issues of size and application are restrictive, use of the secondary configurations below is allowed.

Secondary Configuration

Vertical Version A


Secondary Logo A

Version A has been created to for applications that require a more vertical ratio for smaller to medium sized applications. Examples of such applications may include merchandise and printed items such as tickets.

Vertical Version B


Secondary Logo B

Version B has been created to address larger scale needs where it is important for the winged woman to be the dominant visual element. Such applications may include signs and banners. When using Version B, please ensure the type size is sufficiently large to allow for legibility.